Welcome to The Humdrum Housewife! I am a twenty-seven year old, God fearing, wife and mother. I two beautiful daughters, Addison and Felicity. I’m your average wife and mother, one who just recently finished her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and decided, for now, to stay home with her two little girls. I am an expert at nothing, but mediocre at everything. I can’t give you professional advice, just my opinions on life, marriage, children, etc. with what works, what doesn’t, and give you a glimpse into my humdrum life. However, despite my average life and moderate level of knowledge, I hope to inspire, encourage, and (probably) make you laugh, if you take the time to read. Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about living, even through the imperfection and finding happiness in it. So follow me, the Humdrum Housewife!