Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan!

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a excellent week so far!

My husband’s mother and sister decided to join us down in Florida for a few days, which is why I’m getting this post out late.

I for one enjoy reading blogs and watching vlogs about people’s meal plans and grocery hauls, despite the fact that I have a love/hate relationship with it myself. It isn’t for everyone, and I understand that. But for those who do enjoy meal plans and grocery hauls, I wanted to post my Meal Plan for the weak.

I had hoped to do it on Monday, and maybe have like a Meal Plan Monday. However, with company in, I’ve had to push it back.


I ended up changing my Weekly Meal Plan template just slightly. I mentioned in my previous post about  needing to just get rid of the lunch column. So I did. This is what it looks like now:

I write the actual meals in pencil, that way if something changes I can erase it. I DO NOT like to scratch things out!

I like it much better this way, because I can just write what we have (or things I want to get) the coming week for breakfast or lunch. It isn’t set, just ideas so I already know what we have on hand.

This  week I tried finding some new meals to try, and I also found a recipe in my recipe book that I didn’t remember if I liked or not, so I just decided to try it again to see if I wanted to keep it. Go figure I forgot whether or not I liked a certain recipe!

We have done some switching around already this week, because Monday my in-laws decided to take us out to lunch to a Mexican restaurant as an early Birthday celebration for my husband. His birthday is next month. So we just ended up pushing the Fajita Quesadillas back.

Here is our dinners for the week!


Sunday: Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Rice and Veggie
(carried over from last weeks meal plan we didn’t get to cook. We had green beans for our veggie)

Monday: Alfredo with Salad

Tuesday: Bacon Cheese Brown Sugar Pork chops with Mac-n-Cheese, and veggie
(This was the recipe I couldn’t remember. It’s a keeper! We had sweet peas for our veggie)

Wednesday: Fajita Quesadillas
(This is the new one I found on Pinterest)

Thursday: Chicken Fried Rice with Pineapple

Friday: Tuna Cakes
(Also a new one!)

Saturday: Spaghetti

For breakfast and lunch I picked up a few extra things since we have company.


For breakfast I picked up some more pancake mix, because we were almost out. I also picked up some extra bacon -we needed some for one of our dinner’s anyway- and biscuits. We already have sausage we process from a hog someone gave us, so we don’t have to buy it, and cereal we already had.

For lunch we already had bread and sandwich meat, and I knew we would have leftover from a few dinner’s this week, so I just picked up a bag of nuggets that way we had something different and easy on hand.

I wasn’t able to do a grocery haul like I wanted. With the storm that came through Florida we had Tornado watches and crazy winds. I ended up not being able to get my grocery shopping done all in one day. I didn’t bother this time, since it took me three days to get my grocery shopping completed. Next time I’ll do a haul of what I bought and give you totals on what I spent for the week.

What meals did you plan for dinner this week??

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan!

  1. It is great to have a meal plan! It makes us feel much more organised! I display my weekly meals on a chalkboard in my kitchen – just an idea so you didn’t have to write in pencil, you could use a chalk board or white board so your meals can be displayed but easily rubbed out! Your meals sound yummy!


    1. Thanks so much for your suggestion!!! I have actually considered the chalkboard, but in the end I decided I liked writing it out like that. I have it in a slipcover that is taped to my fridge. That way I can keep it and look back at the meal plans in the previous weeks to see if there is something I want to repeat. 😊

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  2. I love that you included a comment about your choice writing implement: the pencil. “I write in pencil, that way if something changes I can erase it.” Those are words to live by! I used to have a tendency to make a plan and then try to bull-headed follow it through regardless what happened… but oh, how having children has taught me to be flexible! 🙂 -Lisa


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