When Life Throws you Lemons

We’ve all heard this particular little quote. It’s on bumper stickers for heaven’s sake. If you haven’t heard it, then quite possibly, you live under a rock.

When life throws you lemons… you… what?

Make lemonade?

Squirt someone in the eye with them?

Throw them back?


You thank God for those lemons, because they are reminder that despite the sourness life has to offer, God has something sweeter in store for you.

My husband and I have been going through a lot lately. Between Baby #2 taking over mommy’s body, the stresses of finances and living with one income, being a parent, and trying to serve people and our church in the manner God would have us, and feeling like we are ultimately failing. In all honesty, we have been floundering. If it hasn’t been one thing, its been another. We have probably argued more in the past seven months, then in the past four, going on five, years we have been married. There have been days we have barely spoken to each other. There have been days I’ve cried, asking God why, and trying to juggle the day to day, the week to week, and the month to month, and feeling like the biggest failure in every sense.

Now, this isn’t an “oh woe is me” post. No, this is a God is Good post.

Why and how is God good, when it feels like we have been living through hell?

I’ll tell you.

One. Because he loves me, unconditionally. Even though I fail him daily, even though I mess up and make too many mistakes to count, He loves me. We forget this, when we so often need to remember. This isn’t punishment. This is just a phase that he has allowed us to go through.

Two. He is Always there. In my heartbreaks and tears, in my questioning and doubts, in the arguments with my husband, and in the times we makeup; He is there. This trial we are going through didn’t surprise God. No… he knew it was coming, and allowed it to happen. Why? Because this lemon was meant to test us. Can we hold to our faith through this lemon? Can we learn to trust God and lean on him? It isn’t through our might and ability, but through His that we are conquerors.

Three. I have tasted bits and pieces of the sweetness that comes after all of the sour, and it helps me remember just how good He is. When I wake up to roof over my head (a roof we shouldn’t be able to afford, but he made a way), to my healthy child who runs me ragged, and to the end of a long hard week wrapped in my husband’s arms, I get just a taste of that sweetness. God helped us through one more day, one more week, one more argument, one more pay period… and it tastes so good!

So when life throws you lemons, hold on to them. Thank God for them, even though they are sour and unsatisfactory. God allowed them land in your life for a purpose. Whether it was to try your faith or to remind you how good He is, there is a purpose to them. So hold your head up, hold to your lemons, so that when God drops down those sugary bits of goodness, you can then make some lemonade, and it will so be worth it!


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