Nightmare on Potty Street

When your child hits that two-ish age, you know what’s coming…

Potty Training….

The every hated, ever dreaded, potty training phase, where you spend more time sitting on the bathroom floor hoping you can entertain your child long enough to get to them to at least “accidentally” potty in the potty.

My daughter, Addison, will be three in October. We were waiting until I finished school, so I could give all of my attention to potty training. I finally decided last Wednesday, that today was the day. We were going to at least TRY and start the process… and it IS a process!

So I made a little sticker chart (I got the idea from Pinterest of course) and started that morning. I don’t have a picture of my chart momentarily, however I can tell you what I done. I took a poster board and cut it in half and labeled it “Addy’s Potty Skills”, then traced three big seconds. The first second was for when Addy at least sat on the potty. The second was for when she pee pee’d in the potty. Finally, the third was, you guessed it, when she poo poo’d. Simple yes, but for my simplistic personality, it worked. I had already gotten some dollar stickers from the store a few days before. So in my bathroom I made a place to put her stickers and a couple of books.

The first day was the hardest. I would get her to go to the potty, but she wouldn’t do anything. But every time we went, I let her put a sticker in the “sits on potty” section, and reminder her she could put two stickers on her chart if she pee pee’d and three if she poo poo’d. Needless to say, we went through every pair of panties we’d previously bought for her, except for one. However, by that afternoon she FINALLY pee pee’d! I squealed like a little girl, spun around in circles and jumped up and down, making her laugh. I finally was seeing progress after a very long morning.

Despite that progress, though, she still would wet her panties before telling me she had to pee pee. By that evening, I didn’t want to see another toilet for the rest of the night. When bedtime came around I put a diaper back on her and put her to bed.

Surprisingly she woke up with a dry diaper. I made her go sit on the potty after we got up, to which she actually used, and we started all over again. Just like the day before, I would ask her if she had to pee pee and remind her that we didn’t pee pee in our panties. She would still wet her panties before telling me she had to pee pee. I didn’t see anymore progress until we went to my mom’s to clean her house. We go over there, and she suddenly tells me she has to pee pee… we didn’t have her little seat to put on the toilet, but I took her anyways, not really expecting her to use it, but… SHE DID! She pee pee’d without wetting her panties. I once again did the happy dance. She loves the pee pee dance!

A little while later, while I was finishing up at my mom’s she told me again and went pee pee’d in the potty without wetting her panties. It was like something had just clicked.

That afternoon she wore the same pair of panties until she got a bath that night. She hasn’t wet her panties since. Friday she pee pee’d in the potty all day, even when we went out to Sam to buy some groceries. She even stayed the night with my sister Saturday and didn’t wet her panties.

It is Monday night and she still hasn’t wet her panties. I even took a chance tonight and left her panties on instead of putting on a pull up since she’d been waking up with dry pull ups.

Despite the success of the last few days, this is still a process for us. We are still working on pooing in the potty. She poo poo’d in her panties on Friday, and started to poo poo in her panties tonight. I managed to catch her in the middle of it and got her to finish on the potty, so MAYBE we are making progress on that part.

For all of you going through this, and feel like you are beating your head against the wall with your child to potty, just keep your head up. For one, you child will pee/poo in the potty when he/she is ready. Don’t try to force it. We actually tried potty training last fall, but she wasn’t ready, and with me still in school, neither was I. So, despite my husbands plea’s (he was ready to quit buying diapers) I put it off.

Second, don’t buy into this “two day, three day, whatever day” potty training method. There may be children who learn to potty in that amount of time. However, each child is different. I know people who’s children aren’t even a year old and have already pee pee’d in the potty. My child wasn’t that’s way, and that’s okay. Potty training is a process, take it one day at a time.

Lastly, I recommend finding something that works as an incentive for your child. For some it’s candy, which worked for my mother-in-law when she was baby sitting. For Addy it was the sticker chart. Find something that works for your child. The more you can get your child to sit on the potty, the better the chance of getting them to pee pee in the potty.

For you mommy’s… don’t be too hard on yourself, and try not to get too frustrated. I had to clean up my floor four or five times (which was four or five times too many, in my opinion), and each time I would just tell her that we would try again next time. It’s hard, but try to keep your frustration to a minimum, or at least not show it.

I will continue to let you know how we are doing on our potty adventure, and I pray all of you who are going through this, make it through it with hair still intact!

God Bless!

-The Humdrum Housewife


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